About Us
Alex Rees - Company director
From growing up in rural Herefordshire I’ve have always had a close affinity with the outdoors. I graduated from Southampton University with a degree in archaeology before moving to Kent to marry my fiancée who I’d met while studying. I began working for Cooling’s Nurseries, Knockholt, as a garden consultant and designer.

Having a passion for gardening I trained further at Hadlow college before starting a small business maintaining a few gardens on my days off. This quickly grew into my full time occupation. From using my wife’s car to transport a few hand tools the company has grown over the last three years to running two vans with the best equipment and over forty regular clients.

Our pledge
We always strive to give the best service to my customers, we’re about more than mowing grass and blowing up leaves, we look after the garden from top to bottom. Too many garden maintenance companies breeze in and out but miss the detail, as we maintain your garden we take the time ensure that it looks good whether your looking out from your house or up close in the beds.

Good communication is at the heart of any good relationship and we pride ourselves on always being available when our clients need to get in contact. This is about more than just returning calls and emails, we take an active interest in your garden and will regularly discuss upcoming tasks, areas requiring attention or ideas to help improve and move your garden on.